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Question Title Read this section before you start using script.
Jumbofeed script admin area is divided in following sections. Read instruction of WEBBUFFER/LICENSE section carefully because it is one of the most important sections in the script admin. Any changes you made in admin setting apply to site after "Refresh" setting on WEBBUFFER/LICENSE.

  • Admin preference (See screenshot )
    • Change script admin password
    • Change script admin email

  • Right side Top tab menu (See screenshot )
    • SITE OVER VIEW : shows site’s over all report and find new signup, deposit and advertising submissions.
      • LICENSE : Refresh when you receive script update or new feed installations. Absolutely, not necessary to refresh other time.
      • QEB SERVICE : Turn it on account if you need script support.
      • REFRESH SETTING : Refresh to apply your script setting change. If you do not Refresh, your changes made in script admin never apply to your site.
      • PAGES : Turn it on to manage less MySQL process. (Recommended)
      • WHITE/BLACK LIST : Turn it on to buffer IP addresses. (Recommended)
      • SECURITY STATS : This clear all security status record .
      • SPIDER : Spider is site search indexing.
      • ACCESSLOG : It refresh access log if you enable it. Large traffic site is recommended to disable access log to maintain the better performance.
      • SESSIONS : It clean up sessionsThose who has heavy traffic may want to clean up the search sessions once a day to avoid teh session table gets locked. If you do not have large traffic, it is absolutely not necessary.
    • EDITORIAL OVERVIEW : lists on going content update
    • KNOWLEDGEBASE : is where you can find instruction how you manage Jumbofeed script. Read all before you start using script or submitting a support ticket.
    • CHANGES OVER VIEW : lists the history of contents changes
    • LOGOUT : let you to logout from script admin area. Script also let admin login sessions expire in a period for the safety reason.
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