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Question Title How to manage Jumbo Defender
    • Jumbo Defender system works at client (Searcher's computer side where search query happens) and server side in real time. It can detect screen resolution, browser size, location where the screen locates in the screen, count of frames, browser type and plug-ins of client side.
    • When the client generates a fake click or offline click, Jumbo Defender can detect such activity and blocks it before click is processed if the client's side activity is determined as unacceptable.
    • Jumbo Defender checks all IP entries coming into your site not only IP address attempt to search. The IP records are kept in database up to 24 hours to avoid duplicated search actions by same IP address searcher.

    • Click generated from automated click system
    • Click generated in GPT kind of frame
    • Click generated from Auto Surf Programs
    • Click generated from Non Visible Frames
    • Click generated from WebProxy / WebCaching
    • Click generated from Elite Anonymous Proxies
    • Click generated from Offline Browsing
    • Javascript Bots
    • Macro Bots

    • Jumbo Defender is the most successful fraud click control filter. However, there are a few kinds of clicks which cannot be blocked by real time system work flow. It may happen 1~10% of the traffic (the size of unavoidable clicks may depend on your traffic type). You need to block such clicks (users) manually.
    • Do not worry!! Jumbo Defender can give you information telling you who are the bad users are passing Defender. You can block them by checking User Statistic. (Read instruction how you can block unwanted traffic)

    • Enable Jumbo defender
      1. Click Enable/disable tab (See screenshot )
        • If you see Enable service on the tab = the service is Off
        • If you see Disable service on the tab = the service is On (Thsi could be good for webmasters who want to monitor traffic and block users manulally)
      2. Click Refresh under Setting on WebBuffe/Licenser section.
    • Use it in Block mode OR Test mode
      • You can enable "Test Mode" to see what is happening with your traffic without blocking any clicks. It will just record the history and you can find traffic activity and user record under Visitor Quarantine and User Statistic. (Testing mode cannot block any traffic)
      • To let script block bad click activity in real time action, please use Non-test mode (See screenshot )
        • If you see Enable Test Mode = Script is blocking bad traffics detected by Defender
        • If you see Disable Test Mode = Script is just recording users activity.

    • Setup with your Portal page
      • Either you use local Portal or external domain portal, it is recommended to set Keyword Link in HTML by Open in New window. Defender blocks all clicks opening in frame. By coding Keyword link in Open in New window, you can avoid to block clicks which potentially opened in frame by ad tracking system.
      • Click here to see a sample portal page which opens search results in New window
      • If you have promotion through ad tracking site such as GPT or other click tracking ad site, you should set keyword link in Open in new window not to lose acceptable clicks.
      • You should ask your downstream users (XML feed users) to set their portal link in Open in New window to avoid blocking by frame
      • Note: when GPT does enter to your portal with frame will be listed in quarantine as Red marked. But if you set link Open in new window, then the click can pass and will turn green (clean) when search results appear! Also, we recommend using external portal option
    • Other filters
      • Since Jumbo defender can block many combination of fraud clicks, you can actually disable Click Shield by using Defender. Also, it could be good idea not to use Captcha Click Validation to send real referrer info to upstream.

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