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Question Title SubID Pre Fix
 This subID pre-fix setup helps those who want to differentiate multi traffic resources in one upstream earning report.

Example of the situation :
You have 3 JumboFeed sites and have only 1 account with
Then, if you send traffic from 3 sites to ABCsearch, the ABCsearch traffic report’s sub-users may be mixed up by 3 sites because you would have user1 in all sites. Or any same userID could exist in 3 sites, and you do not know userid1 comes from which site.

Solution with pre-fix setup
  1. Go to script admin / Pay Per Click / Settings
  2. Add preferred value in SubidPrefix. You should set different SubidPrefix value in each of your JumboFeed sites.
    • Example
    • You have 3 sites,,,
    • You use 1 account at ABCSearch XMLFeed program
    • You set SubidPrefix value like below in each site
      •'s SubidPrefix value = siteA_, then If SiteA's userid1 sends traffic, it shows up as siteA_1 in ABCSearch report
      •'s SubidPrefix value = siteB_, then, If SiteB's userid1 sends traffic, it shows up as siteB_1 in ABCSearch report
      •'s SubidPrefix value = siteC_, then, If SiteC's userid1 sends traffic, it shows up as siteC_1 in ABCSearch report
  3. Now you can recognize the traffic resource
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