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Question Title How does SleepTime setting work in JumboFeed script?
MaxDelayPerFeed and SleepTime settings (SleepBeforeShowResults / SleepBeforeShowXml) are extremely important settings in JumboFeed. It effects the site performance and XML feed performance.

If you set those setting value wrongly, your site may get dangerously slow performance and cause a high server load or may not be able to display results from your XML feeds.

About MaxDelayPerFeed :
  • This setting is located on Setting Under PayPerClick
  • This setting determines how long script waits to get XML feed's response.
  • By setting a fair value in this setting, your site won't wait a slow XML feed to keep your site performance calm. Example : If one of XML feeds is down, your site also gets slow down by waiting the XML feed's response. MaxDelayPerFeed setting can disconnect from such slow feed before your site gets slow down.
  • To find how to set MaxDelayPerFeed, visit following section

About SleepBeforeShowResults / SleepBeforeShowXml :
  • This setting is located on Setting Under PayPerClick
  • This setting determines how long script waits to display search results. It means that the value must be longer period than XML feed's Actual Responding time. Example : if XML feed A can send results in 1sec, and if you set 0.8sec in Sleeptime setting, your site can never display from XML Feed A because your script does not wait for the XML feed A's response long enough.
  • To find how to set SleepBeforeShowResults / SleepBeforeShowXml, visit following section

Some tips
  • Generally, MaxDelayPerFeed should have about +1~+2 value on sleeptime settings. (MaxDelayPerFeed = SleepTime+1~2sec). It is a general Idea, to find suitable setting value, read the instruction pages.
  • Do not use XML feed which requires to set MaxDelayPerFeed more than 4 if you want to have good performance with your site.
  • Using slow performance XML feed (Actual Feed Responding time is more than 2.5) will cause slow site performance and server over load. Try to use XML feeds which has less than 1.5sec with Actual Responding time.
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