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Question Title Manage individual XML feed
  • Click on the Feed name to go individual feed setting section. (See screenshot )
  • On feed Setting section
    • Name : Do not attempt to edit. If you edit this field,the feed will not work.
    • SubName : This is for your reference. When you have duplicated installations fro a XML feed, you can add Sub Name to identify the difference between installations.
    • Userid1 : the username which is given by the feed to pull XML result.
    • Userid2 : 2nd username if the feed use double ID. Or you set value when you use JumboSafe. If your feed has 2 different IDs in XML request link, go to find instruction at XML Feed setting guide on knowledgebase or Contact QualityEbiz
    • Userid3 : If your feed has 2 different IDs in XML request link, go to find instruction at XML Feed setting guide on knowledgebase or Contact QualityEbiz
    • Count : the maximum number of results to receive from the feed by a search request
    • MaxClick : This number of click(s) are given to an IP address in the period. (What is ClickLimitPerFeed?)
    • Percent : The percentage of to show on the bid of original feed's bid amount. The percentage commonly uses the revenue share % given by the feed. Example : If the result original bid value feed sent is $0.10, and you set 60(%), script show the result as $0.06 in the search results.
    • Minimum Bid : The minimum amount to show in the results. If you set $0.01, script never shows any results which has bid value less than $0.009
    • Countries : Move the country(s) to teh right side, which the feed shows results and to give credit for.
    • Inuse : Select Yes to use the feed to Local traffic. (Local traffic is not XML traffic)
    • Outuse : Select Yes to use the feed to XML traffic
    • AllowUnSecureClicktoSearch : Select Yes to accept UnSecureClick to this feed. (What is UnSecureClick?)
    • IPSecurity : Select the IP Security level if you have built IP security database. (What is IP security?)
    • Is JumboFeed : If the feed uses also Jumbofeed script and needs special setting select Yes. (What is JumboSafe?)
    • Use Captcha : You can choose either if you use CaptchaClickValidate per individual feed. To set CaptchaClickValidate per individual XML feed, you must disable CaptchaClickValidate on Security Setting. CaptchaClickValidate will be used for all XML feeds as long as CaptchaClickValidate is enabled on Security setting. (What is CaptchaClickValidate?)(About Security Setting)
      This feature is extreamly helpful if only selected XML feeds have stricter quality control.
    • Save change : To save the change, click this. After saving the changes, you also need to click Setting Refresh on WebBuffer/License area otherwise the chaneg never applies in site activity.
    • Remove : To completely remove the feed from your script admin, please contact
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